Each ATELIER EMELIA PARIS creation is a celebration of the family heritage, a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, a symphony of savoir-faire that transcends generations.

The name itself, ATELIER EMELIA, is a gentle tribute to great-grandmother Emelia, the family’s first seamstress. Her love of thread and needle sowed the seeds of a savoir-faire that has blossomed over the years, passing from generation to generation like a precious heirloom.

It was with the three sisters, Evelyne, Chantal and Monique Joubert, that the reputation for creating wedding dresses took off. They brought a bold modernity to wedding dresses in France as early as the 70s, moving away from traditional designs and adopting innovative cuts and silhouettes.

All their creations are made using a molding technique directly on a couture bust. This technique, which requires great mastery, creates perfectly fitted wedding gowns, highlighting every curve and line of the bride-to-be. This is the quintessence of ATELIER EMELIA’s savoir-faire, the secret behind the beauty and elegance of each dress.

Today, the ATELIER EMELIA legacy continues with Emelie at the creative helm.

She carries on the bold, innovative spirit of her mother and aunts, while adding her own modern, dynamic vision.

She creates wedding dresses that reflect today’s women: strong, independent and resolutely modern.

Combi-shorts, pantacourts, layered garments, pockets on princess skirts, Emelie knows how to respond to the desires of today’s women without ever sacrificing the tradition of excellence for which the brand is renowned.

The house’s success lies not only in its creativity and expertise, but also in its choice of raw materials.

ATELIER EMELIA wedding gowns are made from the finest mikados, tulles and silk organzas sourced from talented Italian and Spanish weavers.

It also relies on close collaboration with the finest French craftsmen. The lacemakers of Calais and the embroiderers of Villers Outréaux contribute to making each dress a true work of art.

At ATELIER EMELIA PARIS, the past meets the present and shapes the future.

A symphony that continues to play, capturing the spirit of each era and responding to the desires of modern women without ever losing the melody of tradition that is our essence.

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