In this beautiful month of June, how about a visit to our ATELIER EMELIA design studio?

Our boutiques and website are the showcases for our precious wedding dresses, places to admire, make appointments and try them on, but the real heart of our company ATELIER EMELIA is our design studio in the heart of Nemours.

A workshop of over 800m2, the guardian of our family’s know-how for more than 4 generations: prototypes from years gone by, antique fabrics, sewing machines, racks overflowing with dresses… we’re definitely in a wedding dress design workshop!

Here, silk and lace rub shoulders with embroidery, transforming, adapting and adjusting themselves until they become a wedding dress signed ATELIER EMELIA.

You’ll see a ballet of tiny hands enthusiastically transforming raw materials into works of art, each thread lovingly woven, each lace carefully chosen, each alteration made with astonishing precision until the dress is perfect.

Emélie, our stylist, like a conductor guiding these talented hands, is already imagining the next dresses, in a constant creative dance that fuses current and timeless trends to bring breathtaking creations to life. When she’s not designing the elegant silhouettes of future wedding dresses, she’s building them, choosing the most refined fabrics, deciding where the lace flowers should bloom.

Our three wedding fairies, Chantal, Monique and Evelyne, always work with unrivalled precision and dedication. You’ll find them sometimes focused, sometimes joking, but always passionate about their craft. They remain inspired by love and women, and this is their secret for always succeeding in sublimating every bride.

The seamstresses work in symbiosis with the designers, their skilful hands dancing on the fabric with unrivalled precision and elegance, sculpting the emerging shapes of the future gown.

Sophie, our director, embodies the spirit of Atelier Emelia and is a central figure in the harmonious ballet of our workshop. With her ever-welcoming smile, she brings a positive energy that lights up the studio. She is the essential link between the creative team and the outside world, ensuring that each bride’s dreams are understood and meticulously realized.

At ATELIER EMELIA, we believe in the magic of transformation. And that’s what happens in our atelier, the beating heart of our business: a transformation of raw fabric into masterpiece, a transformation of a bride’s vision into tangible reality, a transformation of a woman into a bride.

We believe in the beauty of every woman, and our mission is to make her shine on her wedding day.

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