Inspiration can come from the most unexpected sources, and sometimes all it takes is the announcement of a new album to ignite the imagination. That’s what happened to the three legendary bridal fashion sisters, Chantal, Evelyne and Monique, our famous wedding “fairies”. They were inspired by nothing less than the release of the latest Rolling Stones album to mark their own 50-year career in wedding dress design.

While the Rolling Stones were shaking up the music world, our three sisters were weaving their own legend, a legend of tulle and lace, dressing the dreams of thousands of brides. To mark this anniversary, what could be better than a wedding gown show that lets these years of passion shine through?

Far from being an ordinary event, the fashion show turned into a warm gathering of all those touched by the magic of these three wedding fairies: long-time friends, loyal customers and those who have become friends over time all joined the procession to pay tribute to these creations that have marked lives.

From Cathy Esposito (ex Mme Barclay ), who wore her wedding dress made in 1984, to Delphine Mahieu, a bride from May 2023, nostalgia and freshness intertwined, weaving a transgenerational bond.

Among the honored guests, Valérie Lacroute, Mayor of Nemours, didn’t hesitate to don her wedding dress once again to pay tribute to the work of the ATELIER EMELIA designers. A gesture that underlines the importance of their contribution to the local community and heritage.

The location chosen for this clip was none other than our beautiful town of Nemours, oscillating between the Rue Serpente, where the designers’ story began, and the majestic Château de Nemours. A symbolic choice, recalling that Mick Jagger himself found refuge in France, in his own château north of the Loire.

The clip was directed by Chlorofilm, a production company that captured the essence of this memorable day. The result? An emotionally rich film, where happiness, laughter, joy, creativity and love were the main actors.

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The participants experienced an unforgettable day, a moment out of time. It was a vibrant tribute not only to the work of the three sisters, but also to the endurance of a band that, like the beautiful creations of the wedding fairies, has stood the test of time without losing its lustre.

As the Rolling Stones say in their iconic song, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, but for Chantal, Evelyne, Monique and all those they have dressed, it seems that sometimes you get more than you ever dared hope for.

Thanks to all of you,


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