Les 3 soeurs créatrices Atelier Emelia

The adventure of three sisters or the tale of the three wedding fairies.

They like to say that a bride should wear her wedding dress just like she would wear her favorite pair of jeans: freely and lightly.

At ATELIER EMELIA, sewing is a family history. More than that, it is a heritage handed down from mother to daughter. This history started off with Emelia, the three sisters’ ancestress, and it goes on with Emelie.

Today, Evelyn Delaroche, Chantal and Monique Joubert are surrounded with two of their daughters: Sophie, Evelyne’s daughter, and Emelie, Chantal’s daughter.

In fact, everything is designed to sublimate. Creation, originality, and aesthetics are the three strengths embodied by the third generation, in their quest for the Maison’s idea of perfection.  

So the adventure continues with renewed vigor.

Especially with the recent opening of a small shop in Le Marais district in Paris. The Maisons’ DNA is diffused and transmitted through the localization, the interior design, and the window display.

When a bride-to-be come to try on the ATELIER EMELIA PARIS creations, it is both always the same and always different. The ATELIER EMELIA PARIS team guides to perfect the choices and desires of the future “Princess of the Day”.

Given that the respect of difference is one of the bases of these appointments, ATELIER EMELIA PARIS is seeking to adapt or update its pieces according to the clients’ desires.

And it is because their knowledge is only equalized by their merely perfect idea of aesthetics that the capital A of “Avenir” (Future) can merge with the capital A of “Amour” (Love): this is the origin of the Three Wedding Fairies tale.

A company respectful of people and nature.

ATELIER EMELIA is an ethical, ECO RESPONSIBLE house made in France, made in Nemours.

ETHICAL because ATELIER EMELIA has always respected people, nature and life.

ATELIER EMELIA contributes to making the wedding day one of the most beautiful days in the life of a woman, a man, a family and all their friends. It is not nothing, it is exceptionally beautiful.

ECO RESPONSIBLE because all the creations are made in the workshops of Nemours. The suppliers are French and European.
The laces come from Calais, the embroideries from Villers Outréaux. The mikado is made in Italy.

The entire ATELIER EMELIA team is permanently focused on these notions of respect for people, their work and their need to do well. The perpetual passion for the consideration of people who, with them, work for the simply sublime.

With ATELIER EMELIA, the exceptional is beautiful. It must be remembered with a sense of the future, of the future, of a better tomorrow.

In reality, the engine is the heart, the main energy of ATELIER EMELIA.

Emelie embodies the new generation.

Emelie is the daughter of Chantal, the niece of Evelyne and Monique. An exceptional entourage that will “weave” her life.

Her journey is rare. Emelie will live in Brazil for 15 years, and already her passion revolves around weddings because she already sells the wedding dresses of her mother and her aunts.

And because sewing is a family story that is passed on from mother to daughter, Emelie is not going to cut it!

She will be the future creator of wedding dresses. She decides to come back to France, to register at the AICP and to join the model making and pattern making department, the base, the essence of the know-how.

Emelie applies herself to this mission. She advances, she even advances very quickly. And even if her genes speak for themselves, it is her desire to create more, better and more beautiful.

Her character is her strength. Her energy comes from the example of her three sisters, but also from her cousin, Sophie, who was at the origin of Atelier Emelia Paris.

Her destiny was set in stone from birth.

What a family! What a story! What a beautiful family story!

Trailer Atelier Emelia